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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman Shamefully Neglects and Abuses Important Sewing Tool for 13 Years!

Do you remember that wonderful,quirky PBS series connections? You know the one where a fly  bites a donkey's bum and the abacus gets invented?
We ll here's my connection:
 After my Christmas visit to Dallas, I came home with all of the sewing supplies I needed.
 I cleaned and organized my sewing room: and here is the proof:

 I shopped in Dallas with an organized plan. I purchased  lovely fabrics that all work together and these were going to  be my entry in the  Artisan’s Square Sewing With A Plan contest (SWAP). My darling Miss Meliss gave me a gift card at Hancock’s.

There are not a lot of fabric store choices in Dallas and I cannot shop in Hobby Lobby, they are anti-choice and against Marriage Equality, they don’t get my money.

 I had  ordered notions and thread online and shipped them to Miss Meliss.

 I  filled in  with fabrics and notions at Jo-Ann's and came home  ready to sew up a storm, and enter the SWAP contest and many contests at Pattern Review.
Here’s the connection: on January 5th we went to our usual Saturday breakfast with Patricia and Gordon at Maria California. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and a little crisp for us.
Coco-Nut Ibrahim Garcia
We decided to take Coco-Nut Ibrahim Garcia for a walk on the Malecon. Then I was going to go home and sew.
 We were walking and talking, and I was snapping  pictures of the sun on the water, and the  shells on the beach to send home to my snowbound friends. Suddenly my foot rolled and I fell and could hear my bone crack. The pain was excruciating and came in waves followed by nausea and numbness.
Alas, this is not a story about my broken ankle, it is about my long –misused, and abused sewing tool.
 So after the cast was put on, I was unable to stand to cut fabric, or put pressure   to use the foot pedal on the machine. The cast was heavy, I was in pain, uncomfortable and depressed.
  While we were waiting  for a friend to get us a borrowed wheelchair, my Beloved was using my sewing room chair to roll me around.
 But it was not rolling easily and it should have been smooth and fast. After all we have tile floors.
 Mary my mechanical genius and shell-artist friend came over. I asked her to turn the chair over and see if the wheels were somehow locked.
 “ No wonder!” She exclaimed ”The wheels are impacted, they need a hair cut.”
 She flipped over the chair and this is what I saw:

 All five wheels looked like this!

I started pulling stuff out  it was wound tight before I started
 So  I decided to clean out the five wheels. Armed with  scissors, tweezers, a seam ripper and a box cutter I went to town. With my  injured leg propped up on the sewing machine case, my Ott light aimed at the chair I  went in.
It was like an archeological dig. I pulled out a 1 x 3 inch scrap. And exclaimed: “ Ah this is my  robe, the one I have to replace, I made that 11 years ago!” It was incredible what I found.

                                                       Look, there is a safety pin wrapped around the wheel!
   I developed many techniques, there was the “Crocodile Technique” where I grabbed a bunch of thread and rolled and rolled it around the tweezers, much like the death roll when a crocodile grabs  it’s prey.

 Then there was the "Dental Probe", where I  went in deep in the cracks of the wheel and gently pulled out yards and yards of thread.
 There was metallic thread, serged thread tails, yarn and all kinds of scraps.
 I worked at this project for five days. On the maid’s day, I could not hear her working, I was rolling around looking for her, and found her raptly working on a wheel tweezers and box cutter in hand.

 It was addicting to us both. I scooted her away and said I was my project to fill all of the hours I would have been sewing.

 “ And, I said (in Spanish) don’t throw away these piles of thread, I am  going to take pictures and write a blog post!” 

 My leg swelled and throbbed in the cast, my neck aced, my fingertips were numb, but I persevered.Each one of these piles is form ONE WHEEL

  My leg swelled and throbbed in the cast, my neck aced, my fingertips were numb, but I persevered.

And now my  lovely chair rolls again!

all clean and ready to go!

And here's a little something from La Paz:


  1. hahahaha...That was so fun and funny too! Still sorry about your bone break, but the wheels story was precious! I do hope you have healed...along with the chair.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Susan, what will you think of next? I can't wait to read your amusing stories.

  4. That is some serious impaction!
    I bet you are wheeling around like a breeze now.

    1. Really, who would have thought to look at their chair wheels!
      And yes it rolls better now!

  5. Thanks for the fun story! Only you would have tons of thread in the wheels.
    Sorry about your ankle
    Heal soon
    Hugs for you childhood firend

    1. Moms. T,
      I try to be different at all times. Hugs back st you!

  6. I have to do this every few months, but you have me beat on amount of thread from a single wheel-LOL! Just be careful when using your newly-cleaned chair--it will roll REALLY FAST. I usually run my knee into the corner of the sewing counter at least once until I get used to having wheels that really roll again.
    Hope your ankle get better soon!

  7. Oh how funny! I'm sure my rolling chair and my rolling dress form have just as much thread locked into them as your chair did. Anyway, your sewing room looks absolutely beautiful. And Coco Nut is adorable. nancy2001